Colorverse - Season 1

ColorverseInk Korean astrophysical ink

Each season will have a different theme, so astronomy is no longer a difficult physics term, but can be close to life.

The very cute and easy-to-hold planet glass bottles always attract everyone’s attention immediately. They are available in 65ml and 15ml water drop-shaped bottles. The large ones are convenient for decoration, while the small ones are easy to carry.

The hair color is delicate and colorful, and writing is very smooth and comfortable. It also has the characteristics of good paper adaptability, easy washing and writing. The ink characteristics are clear and the bottle and box label colors are accurate, making it easier for customers to choose their ideal ink color.

Season classified by season number Capacity classification according to capacity
Other categoriesOthers
Colorverse Ink full range 

Season 1 SXNUMX
Season 2 SXNUMX
Season 3 SXNUMX
Season 4 SXNUMX
Season 5 SXNUMX
Season Six S6
Season Seven S7
Season Eight S8
65ml+15ml (two bottles in one box)
30 ml
15 ml
5ml Mini

Experimental Project
Special color/Limited color Limited/Special Edition
Office Series
Joint model Colorvese x OPUS 88
Earth Series Earth Edition
Glitter series Glistening

▼Color classification
  • LE = Limited Edition limited quantity product
  • SE = Special Edition special themed merchandise


Made In KoreaMade In Korea