Jibu Mr. Jibu English calligraphy

Quoted fromMr. JibuFacebookIntroduction:

After encountering Western calligraphy by chance, I became deeply fascinated by this ancient skill.
Good at writing Engrosser's Script, Copperplate Script and other Western calligraphy fonts
Currently engaged in Western calligraphy teaching and related projects, such as invitation letters, on-site writing activities, related designs, etc. 

He has participated in the design of "2016 GU Spring and Summer Designers Joint TEE", and has also cooperated with major brands in on-site writing activities and VIP letter writing and other services.
如:ART HAUS、BURBERRY、BMW、BULY 1803、CELINE、Dior、Garytu's Fashion Illustration、HEARTS ON FIRE、LOEWE、SK-II、 等。 

At the end of 2017, I published my first teaching book: Engrosser's Script, the first lesson for beginners to learn English calligraphy.