Lion Panther | Craftsman handmade pen

The brand LionPanther was established in Hong Kong in 2016. Its name comes from the two stray cats that the creators and couple picked up near their home. Lion represents a long-haired ginger cat, and Panther represents a black short-haired cat.

The creator couple loves cats and ink pens. In today's cold electronic age, it has become a luxury to send messages by handwritten documents, but handwritten words can show warmth.

The combination of ink and ink pens is always a pleasure. Handmade ink pens, sterling silver pen bushes and hand-adjusted inks are LionPanther's main products.

''Sandy'' is one of LionPanther's kit-free handmade ink pens. Except for the pen tip and ink supply system, there are no prefabricated components, and the thread position on the pen is also handmade. It is characterized by the wooden ring decoration in the middle. The main pen barrel materials will be made of logs, hard rubber, and acrylic. The pen cap can also be decorated with sterling silver for anti-slip purposes. Sandy is actually Lion's doctor. He loves Lion very much and has saved his life many times, so he named it to commemorate it.

The Grand Garden is a bushing (Overlay) specially designed for ink pens made of 925 sterling silver. It is now made on the basis of the entry-level ink pens Sanwendo 580 and 580AL. After modification, it greatly increases the elegance of the entire pen. At the same time It will not affect the writing feel and function of the ink pen itself. The Grand Garden now comes in three exterior colors, namely basic silver, pink gold and frosted silver.

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