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Parker - 2022 Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Blue Fountain Pen Cartridge Leather Case Gift Box Set New Vector XL Series

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NT $ 2,000.00
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NT $ 2,000.00
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NT $ 2,500.00
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Parker - 2022 Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Blue Fountain Pen Cartridge Leather Case Gift Box Set New Vector XL Series Total score: 0 - 0 Evaluation

Product desciption

  • Stainless steel nib, durable
  • Brand image arrow-shaped pen clip symbol
  • Inheriting Parker’s century-old elegance and solid craftsmanship
  • The metal grip adds texture and the pen body is perfectly weighted
  • The innovative reappearance of a century-old classic
  • Carefully crafted by hand, the pen cap has an elegant and exquisite design.
  • Use century-old classic original quick-drying ink not easy to fade

Explore the unknown and get close to nature

Parker Vector XL Sakura Series

Dreamy gradients are vivid and colorful

The cherry blossoms will bloom, and the winter wind will be warm

Spring-filled design

Encounter intricate and meticulous craftsmanship

Everything is just to turn prosperity into the language of love

Create your own romantic time

The exclusive romance of love at first sight

Pick beautiful cherry blossoms and bloom brightly in spring

Inspired by the falling cherry blossoms in spring and the clear and boundless sky.

Pink and blue gradient tenderness blooms

Sakura pink/blue fantasy intertwined

Stained with the breath of spring, stir up the hearts of girls

The ingenious pen can be used for two purposes

Fountain pen/ball ball pen in one

Stunning and practical, performing arts, romantic and fashionable charm

  • Sakura relief design
  • The pen body has a warm color of cherry blossoms
  • Kasuga new product limited
  • Equipped with a ballpoint pen base and refill, the pen tip can be replaced and the writing mode can be switched at any time
  • Stainless steel nib has strong luster and durability
  • Innovative ink supply technology, quick drying and smooth
  • The pen body is brass-plated with special paint treatment and gradient coating.
  • plated with gold finish
  • Signature pen clip with meticulous workmanship
  • The gift box contains: Sakura series cherry blossom pink/blue fountain pen*1, Converter*1, standard packaging Cartridge*1, theme color leather pen case*1, exquisite Parker iron box*1, ballpoint pen refill*1, ballpoint pen refill holder Put *1, the Sakura series is beautifully packaged.
  • Warranty scope: New product defects and damage caused by non-human factors.
  • Instructions for returns and exchanges: Once the product is inked and put on Cartridge, it cannot be returned or exchanged. If you want to try writing, please use the pen tip dipped in water.


  • Please read our store's precautions before placing a bid.
  • Because shooting and various types of monitors mustThere is color difference, the picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product received for the color. Returns and exchanges due to color difference will not be accepted as a defect.
  • The flow of goods is large. If there is a shortage of goods, our store reserves the right to accept or reject orders.

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