Nibcake Workshop

Handmade by Taiwanese masters, we can customize a variety of nibs to meet everyone's needs! Flexible Tip, Crescent BladeCresent Blade, Bird Tip, Snake Tip, Arabian Tip and more can be made for you!

  • Crescent Blade: A sharp type that is easy to attack. The overall thickness and left and right stroke thickness can be customized. Upgrade price 2000
  • Artist's Point: Designed for artistic creation, the strokes are neat and clear, the edges are relatively sharp and clear, and the writing feeling is obvious.
  • Unmarked Artist: Relatively smooth and suitable for general writing use.
  • Double-layer nib: Made of two stacked nibs. The iridium particles are larger and can write at a larger thickness.
  • Double-sided nib: A nib that can write on both sides
  • Reverse tip: On the front is the thin character Tsukuken, and on the reverse is the thick character Tsukken.

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