Jia Si Pen Lie collects high-quality Fountain Pen Ink stationery from craftsmen from various countries, and tries its best to use professional physical and chemical literacy and experience to analyze and recommend suitable pens, inks, papers and usage habits for each user.
Daily operations are mainly handled by Jia Si, and the store name is taken from the melody of the classic song Beat It. The pickup warehouse is on Banqiao Wenhua Road. I hope everyone can play the background sound when they see the name of the store. We are Jia Si and Bi Lie.

Our store's specialty brands include but are not limited to Robert Oster Signature Ink, Colorverse Ink, Krishna, Nebula Note, Ferris Wheel PressFerris Wheel Press crystal ink, handmade fountain pens and ball pens by craftsmen from various countries, Noodler's Ink, J.Herbin (now renamed Herbin), LAMY, Sailor, Pilot, Platinum, R&K, Dr. Martin, De ATRAMENTIS, Lennon ToolbarLennon Toolbar, Ink instituteInk Institute, Papier Plume, Organic StudioOrganics Studio, Opus 88, Tenny Pen, Laban, Penlux, MontblancMontblanc, Kyoto TAG Stationery , Mita Sanshodo, tfdesign, Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Brause, MOLOTOW, Scrikss, etc.


Robert Oster Signature Ink Taiwan exclusive distributor
Krishna Taiwan exclusive distributor
Coloverse Ink Taiwan distributor
Penmode Taiwan distributor
Ink institute general agent
Tono & Lims Taiwan General Agent
Ferris Wheel Press Taiwan Agent