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dipnnib - Ergonomic pen blue whale ergonomic joint dip pen holder

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Product details 🔮Ergonomic - Blue Whale

Say goodbye to muscle soreness! Meet the ergonomic penholder!

The design of the ergonomic pen holder is to give the user the most suitable and least effortful feeling.
Therefore, on the ergonomically designed penholder, the curvature of our fingers will be greatly reduced, and the fingers will only gently support the penholder.
It makes it easier for us to achieve the writing training of the wrist, elbow and shoulder mentioned by the masters when practicing calligraphy.

For the ergonomic pen shape, we designed an auxiliary curved surface with three-point support.
Because we understand that people who are new to ergonomics will need a certain period of adaptation in the grip.

Maybe you are worried that the enlarged belly of the pen will make it difficult to hold, and it will be too heavy and uncomfortable.
Therefore, we used 3D printing technology to create a unique pen holder shape that is structurally stable and easy to use, and can support the tiger's mouth and fingers.

We believe that it is not easy for everyone to change the way they hold a pen. It is not that you adapt to the tool, but that the tool adapts to you.
So we have two sizes of ergonomic barrels, as well as a transitional Carrot style.

how to use
There is a shallow arc-shaped groove on the front side of the pen barrel, which can perfectly fit the tip of the index finger.
The arc on the right side of the pen barrel can fit the junction between the fingers and the palm under the index finger.
The left flat surface can be placed on the thumb, which will make the pen more stable in the hand after applying force.
Overall, your thumb and index finger should be straight and therefore more relaxed on your knuckles.

The pen barrel is manually trimmed and colored after 3D printing. There are hand-made textures on the pen barrel, which will not affect the use and function of the product. If you mind, please do not place an order.

Cleaning and maintenance
If the pen barrel is stained with water-based ink/pearlescent/metal/acrylic ink, just wipe it with 75-degree alcohol, or wipe it with stain remover oil (available in hardware stores).

Blue whale specifications:

  • Pen length: 151.8mm
  • Pen width: 26.65mm
  • Shaft diameter: 16.88mm (grip position), 26.65mm (widest point)
  • Weight: 19.8g (including flange)
  • Color: cobalt blue, metallic black

Summary of key points
🔮Ergonomic Big Whale - Comfortable as it is tailor-made for you
✨Suitable for beginners
✨Three fulcrum design allows you to relax and practice calligraphy
✨Special angles and curved surfaces prevent Chinese writing habits (pen turning/tail flicking)
✨The best tool to practice holding the pen correctly and applying force
🫐Blue whale model, specially designed for friends with big hands, please don’t miss it🫐

Designer: 🐻Terography & 🌶️Parisy.studio


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