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Fine Writing Finewriting

Fine Writing - Blue Pocket Scepter Vacuum Inked

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✨🖋️ Fine Writing Scepter Series🎉

  • Japan limited edition, smaller pen size
  • A new black stopper is added to prevent the pen from rolling around on the table.
  • Double-layer pen barrel design, the inner tube is made of fully transparent and impact-resistant material to prevent cracks and deformation✍️
  • The piston is made of acid and alkali resistant materials, and the joint has a built-in silicone ring, which is durable💪
  • The pen cap has a built-in elastic air-proof sleeve to prevent the ink from drying out🖋️
  • Ergonomic shape adjustment ensures comfortable holding and smooth writing🌟

🔵 Blue Scepter: Vacuum Inking

  • Innovative vacuum inking mechanism, press 4 times to store more than 2c.c. of large-capacity ink💧
  • Metal mechanism components, anti-corrosion piston🌟
  • Paired with German JOWO No. 6 dazzling black stainless steel tip, available in EF, F, M✨


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