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Jacques Herbin

Jacques Herbin - 1670 Glitter Fountain Pen Ink Gift Box 10ml

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|J. Herbin 1670th Anniversary Ink Series|
  • The J. Herbin 1670th Anniversary Ink Collection is inspired by the voyages of the 17th century.
  • Herbin was an enterprising French sailor in the mid-17th century. During his employment with the Compagnie des Indes Orientales, he made several trips to India to collect exclusive ingredients and recipes for his sealing waxes and inks.
  • This exclusive collection of 1670th Anniversary ink features deep, rich color with a golden sheen. Before use, please shake the gold powder deposited at the bottom of the bottle evenly before absorbing or dipping the ink to achieve an even distribution of gold powder.
  • It is recommended that you make sure the pen cap is closed after use and remove the ink when not in use for a long period of time to ensure that your pen maintains its smooth ink discharge.
  • Contains 5 colors/carob brown, emerald green, dazzling gray, ocher red, ocean blue, bottle capacity 10ml
  • Caroube De Chypre is a color released in 1670 from J.Herbin’s 2016 series of inks. The Phoenicians who controlled the Mediterranean trade in the early days discovered that the average weight of each carob in the pod was similar no matter which area of ​​the Mediterranean it grew in, so carob was used to weigh precious goods such as jewelry. .
  • Chivor Emerald, its color is green with blue, is a very elegant and generous color, and gold powder is added to the tranquil color to give it a lively atmosphere. In the 16th century, the Spaniards discovered high-quality emerald mines in Colombia. After being introduced to the Old World, they were widely loved by Christian and Islamic courts, especially the excellent-quality slightly bluish emeralds from the Chivor mining area. At that time, J. Herbin was the founder. Mr. Herbin always wears emeralds when he travels to the East. It is said that emeralds will bring peace to travelers.
  • Gris Orage, the rough sea was the inspiration for Herbin's ink "Stormy Grey" created in 1670. Its color is a dark anthracite gray with a golden sheen. During many voyages, Herbin encountered dark and wild oceans. The fine golden sheen in the ink is meant to evoke lightning on the water, as well as its dark and mysterious recesses.
  • Bleu Ocean, a dark blue ink with a golden sheen, is reminiscent of Hebbing's sea voyage to the Mughal Empire in India. It is like the ocean reflecting the moonlight on a moonlit night, shining brightly, and the waves slowly humming in praise of the moonlight. Verse, in those days India was the major supplier of indigo dye.
  • Rouge Hematite has deep red and earthy tones, recalling the historical color of the Herbin logo and the sealing wax used by members of the royal family. The sealing wax on the bottle is reminiscent of the Hebbing sealing wax used on French "grand cru" wines. The image on the box represents Hebbing's life. Boats, anchors and palm trees represent voyages and discoveries.

They are all gold powder inks. It is recommended to use at least Sangsheng 698 or Japanese M-point or European F-point or above to avoid clogging.

If the pen is clogged with gold powder, it can be cleaned with clean water and ultrasonic waves.

The color test is from the original factory, there must be color differences, please be informed.

Please read the purchase precautions on the homepage of our store before placing an order.

Glitter Ink Instructions

People often ask: Can gold powder be filled into fountain pens? In fact, it is possible, but there are a few points to note:


✓If the ink is marked as dip pen, do not fill the pen with it.

✓For Fountain Pen Ink, the powder must be fine enough. Currently, the ones that have been tested and can be used are:Colorverse Ink Glitter Collection,Robert Oster,JH1798,Tono & Lims,Ferris Wheel Press,Wearingeul Ink、Dominant、Private Reserve Pearl

✓When there is a lot of powder, it is still possible to clog the pen. For Robert's powder ink, you don't need to shake the whole bottle until it is evenly distributed (for example, rose gold, cranberry); for models with less powder, you can shake it Use evenly (such as Violet Dream)

Pen recommendations meet the following conditions:

  1. Large amount of ink output (regardless of pen width)
  2. The pen cap is airtight (not easy to cause powder to get stuck due to drying out)

The following are the conditions for bonus points for fountain pens:

  1. Drop-in type makes ink easier to fill
  2. Can be fully disassembled for easy cleaning
  3. Don’t feel bad if it’s cheap and broken XDDD

At present, it is mainly recommended to use Yongsheng 698,Opus 88 ,Fine WritingWait, likeRobert's fanThe thinnest one can be F-point.CVOK EF
Some people also reported that using Sanwentang, 0.5preppy, and Bonbon can all be used!

There may still be problems with the pen, ink, and character (?), which may lead to suitability or unsuitability. Our standard for suitability is that water will come out of the pen after filling, and after a few days, shake it twice or use it with water. It is considered OK. !

If the above combination has the phenomenon of clogging the pen, you can also choose

  • Just add a little bit of the original ink (but don't add powder) and give it a try
  • If it is still very clogged, you can disassemble it and clean it, then try filling it with less powder!

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