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Laban - Celluloid Brass Fountain Pen

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Laban - 325 Damask


  • Holder/Cap: Material: Colored Celluloid barrel, brass
  • Weight: approx 36g
  • Capped Length: approx 15cm
  • Nib: Germany PLEASE #12
  • Filling system: Cartridge / Converter
  • Made in Taiwan


  • Gift box
  • Official Converter

Image Source: Laban

TaiwanLaban - brocade celluloid brass pen

Choose calm pine green and rouge purple to achieve flowing pearlescent and vivid brocade patterns. The scent and color of the celluloid pen holder will flow with daily use and time, becoming a unique "living stationery".
Living stationery that enlivens the five senses
After waiting for several years, Laban Pen finally launched celluloid pens and ballpoint pens. The uncertainty of this material is fascinating.
Real celluloid has a variety of smells. After rubbing, a deep medicinal smell will appear, like camphor, with a hint of earth. With the use of writing, the color of the pen barrel changes slightly - from bright to warm. The interaction between materials, skin, and time is full of interesting things.
Acura the current prosperity
Damask, a brocade fountain pen, borrows objects to convey feelings. The similar qualities of fabric and celluloid are used to demonstrate the fragility and tenacity of objects in uncertain situations. This is a "living stationery" that belongs to the moment. The world is prosperous and change is the only constant.
Use writing to leave notes on time, making the text transcend memory, making changes and advancements.

☞Gold-plated nib imported from Germany
The nib is made of stainless steel imported by air and gold-plated. It is engraved with the brand name Laban and Taiwan's highest peak - Yushan, with an altitude of 3952 meters. The texture is exquisite.

☞Medium sized pen holder
It feels light when held, has a unique design balance, and has a moderate center of gravity. It makes writing effortless and your wrist will not feel tired after long-term use.

☞Details that highlight style
The crown of the fountain pen is inlaid with the gold brand symbol. When the pen is stored, the unique presence of the crown can set off the elegance of the user.

☞Delicate texture of hand processing
The pen clip, the double gold rings of the pen clip, and the pen cap ring are decorated with gold plating and metal plaques respectively.

Product description
When stored, the length is about 14.8cm, when the pen cap is removed, the length is about 13cm, and when the pen cap is placed on the pen, the length is about 17.3cm.
The diameter of the pen barrel is about 1.25cm and the weight is about 35g.

About the writing width
The basic nibs are available in EF extra-fine and F-fine., M Chinese subtitle, B bold characters are available in four options.
There is also a 1.5 stub font size, with straight lines representing thick fonts and horizontal lines representing medium and thin fonts. You can choose according to your personal writing habits.
There are two types of 14K gold elastic tips, 14K FLEX F / 14K FLEX EF.

Inking method
Dual-purpose suction card Dual-purpose suction card.
Can be used with Cartridge for easy plug-in and use.

★Comes with a set of brand bookmarks
★Blue Cartridge Group B
★Buck card dual-purpose group B


  • Pen body material: acrylic/metal copper
  • The pen cap can be attached to the pen tail
  • Weight: 36g
  • With cover: about 15cm
  • Without cover: about 13cm
  • Upper tube diameter: 1.5cm
  • Down tube diameter: 1.2cm
  • Inking system: Cartridge/suction card dual-purpose
  • Pen tip: German WIN No. 12 stainless steel tip


  • One pen in a gift box
  • Comes with an official suction card for dual use

The picture and text are from Laban official.


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  • Because shooting and various types of monitors mustThere is color difference, the picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product received for the color. Returns and exchanges due to color difference will not be accepted as a defect.
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