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Lennon Toolbar

Lennon Toolbar - Stamped Handbag Walking Series

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➢➣➢➣Handbook Walking Stamp➢➣➢➣
I observed all the details on the street, such as the flashing neon lights, construction schedules, signs reminding people to pay attention to safety, busy little green men running non-stop, and little red men always stopping comfortably...etc. Everything on the road is not a microcosm of our lives. The goals that should be sprinted with all our strength, the moments when we should stop and take a good rest, the warm reminders that need special attention, and the walking seals in our pockets. Let these signs that have been engraved in your mind help. Your handbook labels are more clear at a glance.


  • Work in progress: 3*4.5cm
  • Traffic lights, please do not stop: 1.5*3cm
  • Under construction, STOP, triangular cone, parking 50, little green man, little red man: 1.5*1.5cm


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