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Lennon Toolbar - Satoyama - 2023 Let's Go on A Trip Vol. 2 Fountain Pen Ink

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Satoyama - Let's Go on A Trip Vol. 2

This humid island in the subtropical tropics has entered autumn, the sun has restrained its piercing light, and the rain has not been as willful as it was in the summer. People who avoid the sun step out of the buildings and shadows; in this most comfortable time Going outdoors, this time we explored the land of sacred trees in the mountains and the mountain towns preserved by the fog. Let's let's go on a trip together.

Satoyama Deep Mountain

There is a land of sacred trees on the island. In the past, huge iron dragons used to slowly move these sacred trees down the mountain along the Wan Ting road. After reaching the plains, these sacred trees were scattered all over the place and became the cradle for the growth of countless people.

Capacity: 30ml

Deep Mountain - Let's Go on A Trip Vol. 2

Nestled on this humid subtropical island, as autumn arrives, the sun tempers its harsh rays, and the rains become less capricious than they were in summer. Those who sought refuge from the scorching sun step out of buildings and shadows, seizing this most comfortable time to venture outdoors. This time, We venture into the land of ancient trees deep within the mountains and a mountain city preserved in expansive mist, Let's all go for a walk together.

Satoyama Deep Mountain

On this island lies a village of ancient trees・ In the past colossal iron dragons used to traverse winding paths to carry these ancient trees down from the mountains. Once these sacred trees reached the plains, they scattered far and wide, becoming cradles for countless lives to thrive.leaves between the branches burst forth as if by some unspoken agreement with spring itself.

Volume: 30ml


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