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Lennon Toolbar - Monster Bird - 2023 All Kinds of SpiritsVol.2 - 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

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All Kinds of SpiritsVol.2

Taiwan is an island that is very close to nature. Whether it is in the ocean, mountains, forests, or plains, there are all kinds of beliefs and ghosts. The series "All Kinds of Spirits" will launch Vol.2023 in 2. This time, we will introduce to you the gods and monsters from various places. Some of them have been transformed into local beliefs, some have been subdued by gods, some have been integrated into local legends and have been eliminated by the government. There are also gods who silently watch over the gay community. Let us learn about these stories together.

Bird Monster

According to legend, somewhere in northern Taiwan there was a demonic bird crouching in the mountains, spitting mist and eating people from time to time. It was eventually killed by Zheng Chenggong's army with cannons. After its head fell, it turned into a huge boulder on the top of the mountain.

Capacity: 30ml

All Kinds of Spirits Vol. 2

Taiwan is an island closely intertwined with nature, where the ocean, mountains, and plains each harbor a plethora of beliefs and supernatural entities. "All Kinds of Spirits" series releases its Vol.2 in 2023, delving into the various deities and monsters found throughout the country. Some have transformed into local beliefs, others have been subdued by divine beings, some blend with local legends before being eradicated by ruling powers, and a few have even ascended to become deities, quietly safeguarding the LGBTQ+ community. Let's embark on a journey together to unravel these captivating tales. Witness it

Bird Monster 

Legend has it that in Yingge, northern Taiwan, there was a malevolent bird monster lurking in the mountains, spewing mist and preying on humans. It met its demise when it was struck down by cannon fire from Zheng Chenggong's army. As its severed head fell, it transformed into a colossal stone at the mountaintop.

Volume: 30ml


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