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Lennon Toolbar - Red Bean - 2023 Winter Tonics Vol. 2 Fountain Pen Ink

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Red Bean-Winter Tonic Vol. 2

Under the strong attack of the northeast monsoon, all kinds of cold-proof props poured out. Heating clothes, thermal packs, down jackets, fur hats, gloves, socks, and a complete set of cold-proof equipment are prepared to fight against the waves of cold air coming from the north. But among them is one of the most powerful cold-proof weapons, which will bring you absolute warmth in the cold winter!

Winter tonic is the most traditional and powerful way for Taiwanese people to keep out the cold.

Desserts such as red bean soup, purple rice porridge, matcha latte, and brown sugar ginger tea bring countless hopes to winter, adding a lot of happiness to everyone's winter. Of course, these ingredients are also made with various ingredients. Form is in our lives, protecting everyone and accompanying everyone through this happy season.

Red Beans (Hong Dou)

The round and plump red beans gradually become soft after being boiled, and the aroma of the red beans escapes with the steam. Finally, winter melon sugar is added to adjust the sweetness of happiness, so that the warm red bean soup can convey happiness to everyone's heart.

Capacity: 30ml

Red Beans - Winter tonics in Taiwan Vol. 2

"Winter Tonics in Taiwan" As the northeast monsoon approaches, all kinds of cold-proof wear and gadgets have come out on the market. Thermal underwear, hand warmers, down jackets, beanies, gloves, socks are prepared for the next wave of cold air from the north. But you might not know that there's an ultimate cold-proof weapon that will for sure heat the winter up and keep you warm!

Red bean soup, purple rice porridge, matcha lattes, and brown sugar ginger tea, among other desserts, bring countless hopes to winter. They not only add warmth to the cold season but also contribute to a sense of happiness for everyone. Of course, these ingredients manifest in various forms in our lives, guarding and accompanying us through this blessed season.

Red Beans (Hong Dou)

The plump and round red beans, after simmering, gradually become soft, releasing the fragrance of red beans along with the rising steam. Finally, winter melon sugar is added to adjust the sweetness to a delightful level. This warm red bean soup conveys happiness to everyone's hearts.

Volume: 30ml


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