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Lennon Toolbar - Echeveria - 2024 Pretty Vol. 2 Fountain Pen Ink

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Hujia Youbi (spring) means "incomparably beautiful" in Taiwanese. Echeveria brings eternal beauty, quiet and graceful. Clusters of elixir bloom astonishingly like small firecrackers. The delicate beauty of lisianthus represents eternal love, while marigolds bloom in the mountains. beauty of. The story of these beautiful flowers, blooming in the spring.

Ghost Plant (Shi lian hua)

Time seems to be very slow for Echeveria. She slowly grows, piles up, and thrives. The petals slowly grow in circles. It is so slow that it seems that there is no progress. But it is also because of such careful and concentrated carving that she has become The most eternal beauty.

Capacity: 30ml

Pretty vol.2

"Pretty vol.2" captures the essence of unparalleled beauty in Taiwanese Hokkien. The Ghost Plant symbolizes eternal beauty, serene and graceful, while the clusters of Ixora burst forth like tiny firecrackers, astonishing in their bloom. The delicate beauty of the Platycodon signifies everlasting love, and the Calendula unveils its splendor in the high mountains. These flowers, with their beautiful tales, bloom in the spring

Ghost Plant (Shi lian hua)

The Ghost Plant's growth seems leisurely, as it slowly builds and strengthens, its petals expanding gradually in a seemingly endless cycle. This meticulous and focused crafting endows it with an everlasting beauty. 

Volume: 30ml


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