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Parker - 51 Series Silver Cover and Black Rod Fountain Pen

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Product desciption

  • Parker 51 classic replica!
  • Stainless steel nib, durable
  • Classic hidden nib design
  • Rotary cover design provides better air tightness
  • Brand image arrow-shaped pen clip symbol
  • Inheriting Parker’s century-old elegance and solid craftsmanship
  • The innovative reappearance of a century-old classic
  • Carefully crafted by hand, the pen cap has an elegant and exquisite design.
  • Use century-old classic original quick-drying ink not easy to fade
  • Made in France


The air-tightness of the classic hidden nib design is much stronger than that of an open nib, making the ink less volatile and less likely to dry out, allowing you to write smoothly for a long time.

In the past, the old version of Parker 51 had a pull-out design, but this replica has an improved rotating cover design, which makes the pen more airtight. The pen clip has been redesigned, and the style is close to the new generation of Parker style, following the changes of the new era.

Parker brand - more free thinking

George Parker believed that by working hard, he could always make a better pen. It was this belief that inspired Mr. Parker to apply for a patent for the first leak-proof ink pen in 1888. It is also this concept that inspires today's Parker manufacturing excellence.

Iconic details such as the arrow-shaped pen clip and the carefully hand-made pen tip engraved with classic patterns follow Parker's traditional craftsmanship and combine the efforts of famous craftsmen. Parker believes that finely crafted tools will help people refine their thoughts. This relentless pursuit of quality has made the Parker brand synonymous with fine writing.

brand introduction

Drawing on years of experience and innovation, Parker's focus on quality ensures every pen delivers a premium writing experience when it matters. If you need a richer source of thinking, a more complete final draft, and freer ideas, you need not just a pen, you need a Parker pen.

  • Bonus: Original Converter
  • Warranty scope: New product defects and damage caused by non-human factors.
  • Instructions for returns and exchanges: Once the product is inked and put on Cartridge, it cannot be returned or exchanged. If you want to try writing, please use the pen tip dipped in water.


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