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Parker-custom engraving service

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Special pen models, pen caps or pen bodies have embossed engravings or uneven surfaces and cannot be engraved. 

If you need to use this service, please read the following procedures and instructions in detail:

  1. This service is exclusive to Parker pens and ballpoint pens purchased in our store and is not applicable to pens of other brands.
  2. Contact the company via official website messages, private messages on social platforms, phone calls or emails.
  3. Ask about the engraving content, font, and whether the pen you want to engrave can be engraving.
  4. When placing an order, you must order it together with the product you want to engrave.
  5. Please complete payment first.If you want to engrave, please do not choose cash on delivery!
  6. Engraving takes 3-4 working days and will be shipped the same day the engraving is completed.
  • Location: The engraving is preset to be engraved in the empty space next to the pen clip.
  • Font: English can be in block letters or cursive script, and Chinese can be in regular script. (English cursive writing is recommended, you can see the last picture)
  • Direction: The default is for horizontal engraving. If you need to engrave directly, please provide additional remarks.
  • Amount: 100 yuan per line.
  • Maximum word count:
    • Full-width Chinese characters include 8 to 10 characters including spaces and punctuation marks, with a maximum of 12 characters.
    • Half-width English text, 16~20 characters.
  • Color: The font color is the original metallic color of the pen structure after laser engraving, so it may be brass, bright gold, silver, or stainless steel.
  • Precautions:
    • File format: Generally, only text can be engraved, and special characters such as hearts, stars, triangles, crowns and other patterns cannot be laser engraved. If a company's business number needs to be engraved with a LOGO, please provide the Adobe Illustrator file.
    • Please do not engrave too complex Chinese characters, which may cause the font to be blurred. 
    • Special pen models, pen caps or pen bodies have embossed engravings or uneven surfaces and cannot be engraved. 
    • For products customized using this service, returns or exchanges will not be accepted after-sales, and the design and wording cannot be changed multiple times midway, so please think twice. Therefore, if you need to use engraving services, please confirm your need before purchasing;

If the buyer cannot be contacted after placing the order, engraving will not be performed.

If you have special needs or company numbers, gift merchants, etc., please contact our company for details.


  • Please read our store's precautions before placing a bid.
  • Because shooting and various types of monitors mustThere is color difference, the picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product received for the color. Returns and exchanges due to color difference will not be accepted as a defect.
  • The flow of goods is large. If there is a shortage of goods, our store reserves the right to accept or reject orders.

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