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Tono & Lims

Tono & Lims - Deposit Ink Lab 7/21 Session Jia Si Pen Customized 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

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Tono & Lims - Deposit Ink Lab 7/21 Session Jia Si Pen Customized 30ml Fountain Pen Ink Total score: 0 - 0 Evaluation

Tono & Lims handcrafted Fountain Pen Ink

2024 Taipei Universe Swimming Banqiao Jia Si Pencils are customized on-site for color matching

Time: 2024/7/21 (Sunday)

Price: 700 yuan, two bottles of one color (30ml*2), a deposit of 200 yuan must be paid in advance, you can choose a session on the day, and the balance will be paid in cash upon arrival (please choose to pay in advance or pick up the Jia Si pen yourself when placing a bid)

Note: One color is limited to 20 minutes, so please plan your color selection in advance.Please do not place a bid if you are unable to attend. If you fail to check in after the time limit, you will not be unsubscribed. Please check in about 10 minutes in advance.

Customization process:

  1. Ask about the color (you can bring your own pictures, samples, etc.)
  2. Modulate ink color
  3. The customer confirms the color. If correct, proceed to step 4. If adjustment is required, repeat step 2.
  4. Complete filtering and filling together with the customer
  5. You can choose whether to add gold powder or not, and you can add only one bottle.

スクリーンショット2019-09-26 pm 9.46.59.png

Tono & Lims Ink Lab @New Taipei, Banqiao JUSPIRIT

Date: 21th, July, 2024

Price: TWD700 / a color / two 30ml bottles.

  • TWD 200 for advance deposit. (We won't return the payment if no show.)
  • TWD 500 please pay in cash when you visit our shop.

Notice: A color for 20mins, please think and choose your own color in advance.


  1. Asking preferable color with color chart or some pictures.
  2. Blending inks
  3. Checking colors by customers  
    If he/she satisfy, then go to filtration step
    If not, re-blending
  4. Filtration together with customers.
  5. Adding Shimmer or not, or just add into one of the inks.

スクリーンショット2019-09-26 pm 9.47.14.png


  • Please read our store's precautions before placing a bid.
  • Because shooting and various types of monitors mustThere is color difference, the picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product received for the color. Returns and exchanges due to color difference will not be accepted as a defect.
  • The flow of goods is large. If there is a shortage of goods, our store reserves the right to accept or reject orders.

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